New EULAR recommendations on Fibromyalgia complete : Posted on 29 Jun 2016

New guidelines for the management of fibromyalgia presented at the EULAR Congress, London June 9 2016. After a period of 10 years working according the same guidelines EULAR decided to update these guidelines as more research and data is available to support the new guidelines.

The guidelines are bases on the following principles.

Optimal management requires prompt diagnosis

Full understanding of fibromyalgia…
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New EULAR recommendations on Fibromyalgia : Posted on 13 Jun 2016

During the EULAR congress held in London from 8 till 11th of June 2016 Professor Gary Mac-Farlane presented the new recommendations on Fibromyalgia.

These recommendations were formulated by a team where patients also were involved. One of the team members was Souzi Makri, President…
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The Patient Empowerment Campaign - One Year After : Posted on 12 Jun 2016

The Patient Empowerment Campaign is only a continuation of European Patients’ Forum’s (EPF) struggle to help patients get more control over their life, and promote understanding of patient empowerment. It is also a call for action not only among patients and health professionals, but among all stakeholders – European and local policy makers, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, etc. The Campaign was launched in May 2015, at the…
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ENFA General Assembly May 22 : Posted on 22 May 2016

ENFA's General Assembly was held in the Thon Hotel on May 22.

representatives of different national associations were present to discuss the activities done and about activities to undertake in the future.

This General Assembly was a day before the two day Symposium of SIP, the Societal Impact of Pain meeting. Almost all the members who where at the General Assembly were also involved with this…
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ENFA General Assembly : Posted on 25 Apr 2016

ENFA's General assembly will be held at the Thon EU Hotel Rue de la Roi/ Wetstraat 75, Brussels, Belgium on May 22.

The meeting will start at 14.30 and will discuss the future of ENFA and have an overview of the past activities.

For the full agenda see the activities announcements on the left hand side.

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